SCORE Presentation at March PBPA Meeting Recap

On March 8th, Paoli Business and Professional Association presented “Social Media Boot Camp with SCORE” with Judith Lee, Social Media Expert and Advocate.

Judith Lee

Judith Lee

Lee gave great advice on why social media is so popular, why businesses need to capitalize on social media’s power, and on how to improve your social media footprint.

Social media is king, according to Lee. Her talking points included

  • Anyone with a business must stay up-to-date on current social media practices. There is an unspoken contest to see who can create the biggest following. Social media allows you to increase your reach to customers without the hefty price tag of old fashioned marketing/advertising.
  • Use Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to give your customers a feel for you and your business without a face-to-face meeting. These avenues give your business a personality and “humanizes” your brand, all while keeping advertising costs down.
  • The best time to post is early in the morning, since people access their handheld devices before doing anything else. Limit posting to about 2 to 3 spaced-out posts per day that are easy reads.
  • Millennials are on-the-go people looking to accomplish a lot in little time. They are drawn towards short reads and videos as opposed to lengthy articles, i.e., “quick-hits” that give all the major details instantly and efficiently.
  • Lead with education to generate traffic to your website or social media. Instructional videos, explanations on topics, etc., garner more attention on your business page. Your customers can then ‘share’ your post, which in turn generates more traffic on your page.
  • Keep your audience informed about any upcoming events your business is hosting to boost attendance. Send out automatic reminders to your guests as the date approaches.
  • Facebook excels in allowing businesses to create events: You can easily invite customers and instantaneously see their RSVP. It also allows customers to see if friends are attending.
  • By keeping posts constant (but not overwhelming), to-the-point, informational and fun, you are well on your way to social media success.

Many thanks to Judith for an exceptional and enlightening presentation!