PBPA Awards

Every year and a half the PBPA hosts its Annual Awards Banquet. Proceeds benefit a chosen charity or non-profit. At the dinner the PBPA honors individuals and businesses that are recognized leaders in community service and giving.

2019 Awards Recipients

  • Lifetime Achievement: Steve Alleva (Alleva Funeral Home)
  • Business Person of the Year:   Karen Lander (Drapery Design)
  • Citizen of the Year: Andrea Testa (Chief, Paoli Fire Company)
  • Business Development Award:   SCORE - Chester & Delaware Counties
  • Community Development Award: Upper Main Line YMCA
  • Beautification:   Koup Family Dental, Nemours Dupont, Village Square at Paoli, Turn 5
  • New Business Recognition:   Logan Allstate Insurance Agency, Nick Filet

2017 Awards Recipients

  • Tribute in Memoriam:   Brian Zwaan
  • Business Persons of the Year:   Judy Huey, Rob DiSerafino , Stan Luongo & Ronald Luongo (Paoli Village Shoppes)
  • Citizen of the Year:   Ira Dutter (retired Paoli Fire Chief)
  • Lifetime Achievement:   J. Anderson Wilson
  • Community Leader:   Sandi Gorman (T&E Care)
  • Beautification:   Kings Haven, Malvern Federal Savings Bank, Matthews Paoli Ford
  • Media:   Caroline O'Halloran (Savvy/main line)

Recent Years Awards Recipients


  • Business Person of the Year:   Susan Randels (Polka Dots Boutique)
  • Lifetime Achievement:   Sam Pilotti
  • Community Leader:   Paoli Hospital Auxiliary
  • Beautification:   Christine F. Hayes (The Integrated Healing Center)
  • Media:   Regina Sullivan & Laura Woyak (MainLineNeighbors)


  • Business Persons of the Year:   The Scartozzi family (Paoli Hardware Center)
  • Citizen of the Year:   Deborah Van Cleve (The Van Cleve Collection)
  • Lifetime Achievement:   Mrs. J. Maxwell "Betty" Moran
  • Community Leader:   Marie Thibault , Pattye Benson & John Fattibene (Paoli Blues Fest)


  • Business Person of the Year:   Barbara Fentress
  • Citizen of the Year:   Scott Dillman

Past Awardees

Business Person of the Year:

  • 2012:   Brian Zwaan
  • 2011:   Mabel Purcell
  • 2009:   Barbara J. Tachovsky,RN
  • 2008:   Family Owners of Paoli Village Shoppes
  • 2007:   Joseph Tankle
  • 2006:   George Steinmetz
  • 2002:   Michael Cook
  • 2001:   Priscilla Fosnocht
  • 2000:   Richard Matthews

Citizen of the Year:

  • 2012:   Paoli Fire Company Volunteers
  • 2011:   Sandy Claus
  • 2009:   Judy L. DiFilippo
  • 2008:   J. Anderson Wilson (Summit Service Award)
  • 2008:   Carole Rubley
  • 2007:   Thomas Coleman
  • 2006:   Ed Auble
  • 2006:   Betty Colmery (Summit Service Award)
  • 2002:   Carole Rubley
  • 2001:   John Beatty
  • 2000:   Barbara Mangos (Summit Service Award)