PBPA Overview

Welcome to the website of the Paoli Business & Professional Association.

George Steinmetz, PBPA PresidentBe a part of the POWER OF PAOLI!

We are one of the most influential forces in local government and regional economic development in Paoli. We host numerous programs and events each year to help our members develop strategic relationships within the business community.

Our membership serves a diverse audience of citizens, including community leaders, entrepreneurs, business executives, employees and educators. It provides leadership and resources to local businesses and organizations and acts as a catalyst for providing information and activities for our members and the region.

On behalf of PBPA, I encourage you to come to one of our events. We need your constant support and look forward to working with you to promote, grow and sustain a diverse and healthy business community.

Come join us and help our community to grow and thrive — Be a part of the POWER OF PAOLI!

George Steinmetz
President, Paoli Business & Professional Association

What Does the PBPA Do?

  • Gives a louder, collective voice to businesses to ensure their needs are heard
  • Pursues improvement grants, tourism monies and government contributions for village improvement
  • Plans community events and opportunities for participation and sponsorship
  • Provides representation and feedback regarding task forces focused on:
    • Paoli Transportation Center
    • Township ordinance coordination
    • Business and Neighborhood Improvements Districts (BID/NID) exploration
    • Parking alleviation initiative
    • Evolution to a more walkable town center community
  • Conducts monthly meetings on topics of interest—financial, taxes, township, transportation, etc.—which provide the opportunity to network
  • Supports the Front Porch Trust Scholarship Fund, which awards annual college scholarships
  • Supports the maintenance of the VFW War Memorial
  • Sells sponsorships for the street banners that enhance Lancaster Avenue
  • Awards businesses for their part in maintaining the beauty of Paoli

PBPA Officers & Directors

George Steinmetz 610.644.4700 x203 | george.steinmetz@paoliford.com
Past President
Brad Zerr 484.565.1270 | zerrbp@mlhs.org
Vice Presidents
Bonnie Haughey 610-644-5100 | bonhaughey@gmail.com
Anna O'Malley 484-565-1677 | noreeno@fmfcu.org
Jennifer Yue 610.644.8815 | drjensfriendlydentistry@gmail.com
Linda Goldstein 610.644.9262 | lindascleaners@aol.com
Karen Lander 610.408.0885 | karen@drapery-design.com
Ed Auble 610.889.1640 | ed@aublefinancial.com
Brett Caffrey 610.408.1939 | brett.caffrey@morganstanley.com
Mike DiAndrea 610.506.6431 | mike@hardwaretoy.com
Tom Dolan 215.527.2902 | tdolan701@comcast.net
Rennae Gushanas 610.535.4890 | rgushanas@wsfsbank.com
Helen Flanders 610.647.9622 x2001 | hflanders@ymcagbw.org
Stan Luongo 610.430.6600 | stan.luongo@luongobellwoar.com
Lex Mellon 610.644.4700 x220 | lex.mellon@paoliford.com
Glen Pierson 610.993.6200 | gpierson@malvernfederal.com
Directors Emeritus
Dan Green 610.644.8591 | djgreen821@aol.com
Judy Huey 610.644.3274 | judyhuey@me.com.com
Dave Rowland 610.296.2401 | davidgrowland@yahoo.com
Dick Streeter 610.644.6675 | revdocrrs@juno.com
Andy Wilson 610.212.2204 | andywilson802@aol.com

Partner Organizations

The PBPA has teamed up with similar organizations on the Main Line in a networking alliance. Each year this group sponsors a series of social get-togethers for members to meet and network with others from our partner organizations.

Currently, these organizations include